Approaching is what I believe to be the craziest time of year. This level of craziness has been amplified for me since becoming a mum, however I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is something about becoming a parent that brings the joy back into Christmas. The distant memories of your own childhood come rushing back. The memories of not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve because of the anticipation  that Father Christmas would visit, leaving gifts under the tree. The excitement of seeing our cousins, aunties, uncles and our grandparents, who would also shower us with gifts. This time of the year, we would unleash on delicious food and the treats that filled the Christmas stockings. My favourite Christmas food, which I still ask my mum to make every year is her Ice-cream Christmas pudding, with strawberry coulis’ and her Christmas coloured layered jelly, which I now request for my own children. The joy these memories bring inspire me to make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year for my children and we now get joy out of watching their excitement.

In adult world, the magic of Christmas just does not happen like it did when we were children. There is the organisation of where Christmas will be and which part of the family you will see when and where, then who will bring which dish of food to share. Then there are the gifts, which can bring undue stress. We love giving gifts, we love receiving gifts, but the stress lies in buying the perfect gift. In our family, we have reduced gift giving by only buying for one person each, however, we budget a reasonable amount that allows us to give a decent gift, rather than lots of cheap little gifts that become land fill later. So, the expectation is that thought goes into the gift that you are required to purchase for that person. We also do this with our children. Each child only buys for one cousin, hence, they only receive one gift each. We do this, with the goal of not over spoiling our children at Christmas and to teach them to put thought into their gift that they will need to buy for their cousin.

We purchase gifts for our children, our partners, our family members and then on top of that, we organise gifts for our children’s teachers and/or people that cared for them throughout the year. This becomes a lot of gift giving in a small amount of time, and in my head, stress. My goal for My Little Blossom Co, is that we become a site where you can come to purchase thoughtful and personalised gifts in one location, minimising the stress of gift buying throughout this crazy season.

The following is a list of gift suggestions you can find on our site for the 2020 silly season:

Teacher Gifts:

Children’s Gifts

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We endeavour to continue to update our products to suit the needs of our customers. We wish you a happy shopping experience and may you be organised with your gifts for the crazy season.

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